April 4, 2016

Why Do Professional Photos Matter? | Maine Equine Photography

In a world where everyone can pull out their iPhone and snap a picture, some people forget just how IMPORTANT having professional photographs taken is! A majority of people splurge on photography for one or two occasions in their life. Senior photos and wedding days come to mind. But there are SO many other wonderful moments in life that deserve to be captured to their best ability!

In the summer of 2013, I went to my best friend/favorite photographer Meaghan ( and told her I wanted portraits with BOTH my horses. Although it was a challenge to photograph not only one, but two horses, we made it work and ended up with several beautiful images! When one of my horses, Ebony, suddenly passed a few months later, I appreciated those photographs even more.

Professional photography can make the difference between remembering your horse who passed by a poor quality cell phone picture, or a beautiful wall canvas in your home that you look at every day. Even though it may seem like just a photograph at the time, eventually it will be a memory. Three years later, this photograph still hangs over my bed!

Melissa G Pony Portraits-Gallery-0015.jpg

Melissa G Pony Portraits-Gallery-0015.jpg

Photo by Meaghan King Photography

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