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April 11, 2016

Dog Days: An Easter Adventure | Pemaquid, Maine

In the second installment of the Dog Days series, Bo’s adventures took him to Pemaquid, Maine! If you haven’t heard of Pemaquid Point, it is a little past the middle of nowhere. It is a super popular summer spot, but in the middle of March it is pretty much a ghost town besides lobstermen and weird people that go to take pictures of their dog.Of course, on the day we decided to go, everyone else wanted to visit Pemaquid Point too. Pro tip: don’t go there on Easter.



Since we didn’t feel like being those people trying to take pictures of their dog in front of a bunch of elderly people trying to enjoy the view of the ocean, Brad and I took Bo to a secret spot near the Point. If you are from the area, you probably know the exact secret spot I’m talking about. In fact, it’s the same secret spot I took Matt and Brianna’s wedding day portraits!



As we quickly learned, taking pictures of a 9 month old Lab puppy is a much harder task than anticipated. My first thought was that this is going to be a long blog series. He has the attention span of a toddler with ADD and all those weeks of dog school go right out the window when there are new exciting things to smell.



“There is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.”

After spending some time at the secret Pemaquid Point spot, we took a quick drive over to Fort William Henry. Bo found this beach much less overwhelming and actually remembered how to sit!



Check back soon for the continuation of Bo’s adventures around the state! If you have any ideas for fun dog-friendly things to do in Maine, leave a comment below!

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