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March 28, 2016

Dog Days: The Spring Snow

This is the start of a new series on the blog! I got the idea after listening to Katelyn James speak at the Maine Professional Photographers Conference in Portland, Maine a few weeks ago. There is no way you can listen to her talk about blogging for three hours and NOT get inspired to try something new!



“Dog Days” will focus on my dog Bo and his adventures around the state of Maine! If you don’t know him yet, Bo is a 9 month old black lab mix. I rescued him from Passion For Pets Rescue in Bath, Maine in August of 2015. I met him at an adoption event with 27 (!!) other puppies that had just traveled up here from Mississippi. It was love at first sight. Since then, he has grown about 40 pounds and turned into an adorable pain in the butt.



Since he is a southern dog at heart, it took Bo a little while to get used to snow. Now he is OBSESSED and loves spending hours running around outside. In fact, he likes to shove his entire face in the snow. I don’t really understand it, but you do you, Bo. On March 21st, we had a snow storm. Thats right, the day after the beginning of spring, we had a snow storm. If that doesn’t describe living in Maine, I don’t know what does. Naturally, Bo was ready to run around outside and I took the chance to get a few pictures of him!



I HAVE to share this video of him playing outside. And yes, my dog does have an Instagram. Don’t ask. And go follow him.
Click here!

Check back for the continuation of the Dog Days series! Be sure to like Melissa Gebert Photography on Facebook to keep updated!

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