July 22, 2018

Finding Wedding Vendors Who Fit Your Vibe

So, you said yes (let’s be real, probably more like “YES!!!”) and now its time to start finding the perfect wedding professionals to help you create your dream wedding day. It can feel like a daunting task at first! Even as someone who works in weddings, after I got engaged I had a moment of…now what?! I have put together a few helpful ways to find vendors who fit your vibe and will make your day as wonderful as it can be!



A Google search for Maine wedding photographer will give you a thousand pages of great results, but it can be completely overwhelming to sort through all those photographers! I like to narrow down my Google searches to exactly what I’m looking for, whether it be a specific location, a certain style or an adjective that describe the kind of photographer you’d like to find. This could be something like “light and airy wedding photographer in Maine”, “fun wedding photographers”, or anything else you can think of!



Instagram is a hidden gem when wedding planning! Many, if not most, wedding professionals have a presence on Instagram. Searching wedding hashtags in your area is a great way to find vendors who may not yet be appearing on Google’s algorithm. #mainewedding, #mainebride and #marryinmaine are a few of my go-to favorites when looking at other’s in the area! Just substitute Maine for your wedding location if needed.



If you have an idea of some vendors who you are interested in, do a search for blog posts containing their work or venue. Most wedding blog posts will have a list of all (or a majority) of the professionals who contributed to the day. Blog posts are a great way to see a variety of images from a real wedding or styled wedding shoot, giving you an idea of the vendor’s work and style!



I know, I know, we all spend hours on Pinterest while planning a wedding! But Pinterest is more than a social media platform – it is actually a HUGE search engine! Just like with searching on Google, there is so much to be found just by being specific with your searches. There are thousands of different vendors that fit your vibe and style on Pinterest. If you are on Pinterest, make sure to follow me by clicking here!


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  1. Julie Haider says:

    Wow, these are all fantastic tips for finding the right wedding vendors! Thank you so much for sharing these!

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