August 29, 2016

Katelynn & Prince | Maine Equine Photography

My goal with photography is to give people a tangible memory of their relationship with their horse. When Katelynn and I first talked about having a session with her and her horse Prince, I knew her situation was EXACTLY why I do this job.

Earlier this month, Katelynn and her veterinarian came to the conclusion that Prince would likely not make it through another winter. Prince has lived an awesome 31 year life. I have seen Katelynn and he grow together throughout the years, and it is clear how much she loves him. Part of love is knowing when its time to let go, and I commend her entire family for being able to make the right decision.

Despite his old age, Prince is full of sass. He made it pretty clear when he wasn’t feeling the whole photo session thing. Overall, he was a very good sport and I think we got some awesome photographs during the hour we all spent together!

A special thank you to Katelynn and Prince for being such wonderful subjects!

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