August 18, 2016

Taylor & Sage | Maine Equine Photography

Back in June, I held a giveaway after reaching 500 likes on Facebook. One of the lucky winners was Taylor! We finally got a chance to get together in between both our busy schedules. I was so excited to be able to photograph Taylor and her adorable mare Sage Advice!

Taylor and I have known each other since we were little Pony Clubbers jumping cross-rails, which feels like yesterday but was actually over 8 years ago! Since then, Taylor has gone on to event throughout New England. Basically, she is awesome.

For about 90% of the session, Sage refused to put on her happy face and looked like she had pretty much had it with the whole thing. Afterwards, while we all stood and chatted, Sage could’ve have been more happy and alert. I am convinced that mares just KNOW!

Along with taking tons of awesome photos, we also arranged for me to photograph Audrey Bean’s cross-country clinic! It will be held on September 11th at Rest & Be Thankful Farm in Lyman, Maine! If you are interested, visit the clinic Facebook page here.

I had such a fun photo shoot with these two! To book your own session, please contact me
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