March 5, 2016

What To Wear: Equine Edition Pt. 2

Last time, I talked about some ways to get your horse ready for a portrait session. This time, I’m going to go over ways YOU can make the most of your photos!


As horse people, we spend most of our time covered in dirt and horse hair. Use your session as an excuse to dress up, put on makeup, and do your hair if you want! After always putting your horse first each day, it can be fun to spend some time on yourself.

Horses are unpredictable and toes are breakable. I HIGHLY recommend ditching the sandals or flip-flops and wearing a close-toed shoe. The Dublin River Boots are one of my favorites for boots that look nice but will still keep your feet protected around the barn and during your photos!

Have a plan of what kind of photos you’d like to take when deciding on outfits. If you plan on wearing a dress and having photos sitting on your horse, make sure it’s an appropriate length that won’t not ride up and flash your photographer.

September-12-2010 378.jpg

Wearing a shirt or jacket with your barn logo on it can be a nice way to commemorate your farm in photos and even do some subtle advertising!

Base what to wear according to where you plan on doing your photos. It’s no fun to plan on wearing a dress and flats when you have to walk through mud to get to the location!

Have several outfits to change in to. Not only is it good to have variety, but horses are also naturals at slobbering on clean clothing. Wear anything white with caution!

Most importantly, have FUN!


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