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December 8, 2015

What To Wear: Equine Edition Pt. 1

For this post, I’m going to be sharing some tips and tricks how to get the most out of your equine portrait session. Later on I’ll be doing a post on what to wear for YOU, but right now this post is all about your horse’s “outfit”!


First of all, having clean tack can make or break your portraits. Putting in some elbow grease before a shoot can make all the difference. Effax and Lexol both make great tack cleaning products. Polishing the metal on your halters and bridles can be a nice finishing touch!

I HIGHLY recommend using a leather halter or bridle for portraits. Nylon halters are great for everyday use, but not for photographs. You want your horse to look his best! SmartPak and Dover Saddlery both carry leather halters that start at reasonable prices. If you go with the halter option, choose either a leather or neutral-colored cotton lead rope to go with it.


Having a tidy mane, tail, ears, and fetlocks make a big difference to the overall presentation of your horse. Their breed or discipline can serve as a guideline to how you want to trim them.

ShowSheen can be a lifesaver. Although it is no match for good grooming, it can help give a little bit of last minute shine! Just be careful to not apply anywhere around where your saddle sits. It is also great for detangling tails without damaging the hair.

For horses with white markings, using baby powder before the shoot can help prevent stains and brighten up the white hair.
If you have a session during the colder months, a hot towel bath can be a good option to clean up your horse without going all out and bathing them. Just fill a bucket with hot water, then wet a towel and wring it out. It helps remove any dust and dirt without turning your horse into an icicle!


Check back soon for part 2 of What To Wear: Equine Edition.
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