November 22, 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw the idea for this while browsing Pinterest and loved it! I’m all about getting to know you guys, and vice versa. Here are 50 things that make me happy!

1. Taking an AWESOME picture

2. Puppies, especially Bo Barkham

3. Laughing really hard

4. Spending time with my best friends

5. I Love Lemon tea (fun fact: this is literally the best tea in the entire world. Trust me.)

6. Food

7. Specifically grilled cheese

8. and breakfast food

9. Riding horses

10. Doing absolutely nothing and being okay with it

11. Lululemon yoga pants

12. Going to the gym (this does not have a 100% happiness rate when its happening, but always ends with it)

13. Having an awesome photo session

14. Looking at weddings on Pinterest

15. Also looking at food on Pinterest

16. Basically anything on Pinterest

17. Driving around and listening to music

18. Especially country music

19. Good comedy

20. Vanilla soft serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

21. Fuzzy socks

22. Road trips

23. Watching Friends, even though I’ve seen every episode seven thousand times.

24. Attempting to do crafts and having it actually work out. This type of happiness is rare because my crafts rarely turn out the way they’re supposed to.

25. A good Caesar salad

26. Sleeping

27. Pumpkin iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts

28. Brad. Hollaaaa.

29. Getting surprise flowers

30. When packages come in the mail

31. Writing to-do lists, even if I don’t actually do everything on them…

32. Shamelessly watching YouTube videos

33. Shooting guns


35. White Zero Ultra Monster

36. Blogging!

37. Craft stores

38. Fresh, clean bed sheets


40. Double Stuff Oreos

41. Sparkly things

42. Spontaneous adventures

43. The color pink

45. Being really weird

46. Snuggling with my dog

47. Reuniting with old friends

48. Mashed potatoes

49. Coming home after going on a trip

50. Realizing how many things I’m happy about!

Let me know some things that make you happy!

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