May 15, 2023

My Favorite Tools for Photography Business Owners


I would be completely lost in my business without HoneyBook. The platform has been my go-to for client management, contracts, payments and SO much more for over 6 years now! I highly recommend it for anyone, no matter where you are in your business. Setting up workflows and systems can save hours of time in the long run.

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A few years ago, I switched from another online gallery platform to PicTime and I am so glad I made the move! Not only are the galleries themselves beautiful and easy to navigate, but the automations for holiday and print sales are a wonderful addition to my business!

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I used QuickBooks Self-Employed for many years, and now have transitioned to QuickBooks Online since adding a bookkeeper to my team! Having an idea of your finances, especially your income and expenses, is so helpful when figuring out pricing, filing taxes and tons more. I also use QuickBooks to track my mileage deductions!



Asana is a great tool for making sure I stay on track with all of my ideas and plans! Not only do I use it to keep lists and make notes, I also keep a board for my editing queue to make sure I keep up with all the galleries that I am working on.



While most of my photo editing is done in Lightroom and Photoshop, I have found Canva 10x easier for my marketing materials, Instagram posts, guides and more! The platform is much more user-friendly and you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make beautiful content. Plus, there are tons of templates to make life even easier!


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