May 7, 2018

25 Fun (Mostly Useless) Facts About Melissa

I love knowing the little things about people that don’t immediately meet the eye. Like their favorite kind of ice cream (cookie dough, in my case!) or a weird habit they had as a child (number 23 is a good example of that…). The things that make us unique can be the same things that bring us together. Enjoy these 25 facts about me that you never knew you needed to know!

I have always wanted to live in South Carolina.

My dog, Bo, is named after the comedian Bo Burnham.

Diet coke tastes better in a bottle than a can.

I love the ocean and getting freaked out by creepy deep sea stuff.

My first car was a Toyota Camry.

I was homeschooled from 2nd grade through high school.

I love notebooks and planners, especially pretty ones.

I’m a terrible runner.

My birthday is March 18th.

Brad and I have been together for 4 years and we got engaged on our 4 year anniversary!

I wanted to study criminal justice after high school.

I love finances and financial planning.

My first camera was a 2004 Nikon Coolpix #startedatthebottom

Bread is the staple of any good meal

Bo was the first pet I got on my own.

I have been to Kentucky 5 times.

My greatest accomplishment is hooking up my horse trailer by myself.

I hate football but I love the New England Patriots.

Salt and vinegar potato chips are my go-to.

I believe that leggings are pants.

I taught myself to photograph entirely in manual mode when I was 13.

Macaroni and cheese tastes better as shapes.

I was scared of wind when I was little,

I love 90’s country music.

TJ Maxx gets me pumped.

Now that you know a little more about me, it’s your turn! Leave a comment below with one fact about you!

Melissa Gebert Photography Headshot

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