March 12, 2018

Meet Bo | The Mississippi Mutt

If you have met me in real life, I have probably told you about my dog, Bo. I have a feeling that I behave similar to how other people act when talking about their kids. The conversation usually goes something like this –

“How is the business?”
“How’s the house?”
“How is Bo?”

You get the idea… At this point, it feels like Bo has been a part of my life forever. When it came to coming up with what I should blog about this week, I realized I have never told you the story of how Bo came to be a part of the family. WARNING: Puppy adorableness ahead.

Back in 2015, I was going back and forth about getting a dog, occasionally going to shelters and spending hours on Petfinder. One day a coworker told me about a rescue she worked with, Passion for Pets, was bringing puppies from down south to be fostered and adopted. Who could say no to that? That weekend I went to her farm and was immediately in puppy heaven. I had no intentions of getting a dog that day, but anyone with animals knows that is always how it goes! You don’t find them – they find you.

I swear this isn’t a story straight out of a Disney movie. A group of adorable black and white puppies were in a stall in the barn. While the majority of them were going wild, jumping and barking, there was a quiet little guy in the back who was sitting, looking completely overwhelmed by this new adventure. That ended up being the puppy I was handed. The little black puppy got a bath and spent the afternoon snuggled in a towel with me, calm and happy as could be. Everyone around me told me “It looks like he chose you”. How can you say no that?! Soon after, he came home and the adventure began.

Over the years there have been countless messes, chewed shoes and even one nearly-swallowed engagement ring. All is forgiven because no one loves to snuggle in bed, sing Adele and go on adventures quite like Bo. Enjoy these photos from the past three years that he has been a part of our family!

Learn more about Passion for Pets by clicking here.

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