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February 5, 2018

The Best Wedding Advice Ever

The first few days after getting engaged feel like a whirlwind.  It is all excitement, happiness, and responding to Facebook messages. Then the realization sets in that its time to PLAN A WEDDING! I headed to Facebook and asked the MGP family what the best wedding advice they had gotten and was completely overwhelmed with the response. Here are couple of my favorites!

“The best bit of advice was from our officiant: don’t worry or stress, at the end of your day you’ll be married, no matter what happens.”

“Find the right photographer!”
(P.S. I second this)

“It’s your day, it’s your wedding you don’t need to stress! This is your first moments of marriage. Make it exactly how you want it! Spend that time with your new husband! Treasure this moment & have fun!!”
– Krishna

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Hire a wedding planner!”

“Take a few moments right after the ceremony just for yourselves. Pause for just a moment and acknowledge the commitment you’ve just made to each other. You’ll remember that moment forever!”
Maria of A Sweet Start

Now I want to hear from you! Is there a piece of advice that you are carrying with you as you head towards your wedding day? Leave a comment below!

  1. Ashley Noble says:

    Something that my mother told me before my wedding. Don’t worry about taking, and greeting every single person. Thus day is about you, and your future husband. Once that day comes, it seems like a heavily focused photo, and all you care about is him. 💖 Its a crazy wonderful feeling.

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