September 16, 2016

Kate & Chelsie | Maine Engagement Photoshoot

I’m in love with how in love these two are. They are real life #relationshipgoals! After photographing their proposals, it was only natural I photograph their engagement session! Don’t worry, I will be at the wedding too! If I can still hold a camera when I’m 80, I’ll probably even be photographing them at the nursing home together. I am proud to be the official photographer of their relationship!

I am head over heels in love with the photos we took this evening! We went to Lands End in Baileys Island, Maine. It may look familiar – it’s where Kate proposed! The beach had the most beautiful golden light. This place is definitely on my top favorite places to have sessions.

Of course, we had to involve their dog Max somehow. It took some skill to simultaneously photograph and squeak his favorite stuffed toy to get his attention. And lots of treats! We made it through with some adorable pictures and no loose dog running down Maine Street in Brunswick.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Kate and Chelsie’s engagement session! Next stop: THE WEDDING!

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