January 8, 2016

Finding Your Inspiration

I am just starting out running my small business. Although I’ve been a photographer for over seven years, I just recently realized THIS is what I want to do for a living. I’m young, just a few months away from 21, but I’ve already realized that I don’t want to spend my entire life building a dream for someone else!The hardest part of establishing my business has been finding inspiration. The end goal seems so far out of reach that sometimes I feel like giving up. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post with some ways to stay motivated in the new year, and one of my favorites was making a clear plan of your goals. Creative people are generally more visual, and having a list of your goals and the steps you need to get there can help tremendously.
Facebook is the perfect time waster but I have also found so much inspiration there, as well. Not only from my friends, but from complete strangers. There are many groups for photographers and artists, full of support and motivation. The Rising Tide society is one of my favorites. It’s filled with so many amazing creators! I also enjoy scrolling through hashtags that relate to my business and my art to see what other’s are doing. Instagram, Facebook, and social media in general can be HUGELY beneficial to staying inspired.
I often find inspiration in things that don’t relate to photography, design, or business at all. Podcasts, books, and even new experiences can create an extra push to keep building my business.
When I feel stuck in a rut, talking with others about my ideas can help me think of new things that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own, or just give me the inspiration I need to keep going. The support of other people around you can be so beneficial to your own creativity.
With that being said, the best motivation you can find is in yourself! If you want something, you will work for it. It seems obvious, but as I was writing this blog I realized its the TRUTH. I coasted along for many years, working regular jobs and doing photography on the side when it was convenient. Then I realized that wouldn’t be good enough. I don’t want to settle for an average desk job in ten years. If I’m going to have a desk job, it will be at home in my pajamas and it’ll be GREAT!


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