education and business tools

for creatives

after over 8 years in business,

I've been through my fair share of mistakes and challenges! It can be a daunting journey as a creative entrepreneur, but having someone by your side makes the road much smoother.

I love helping both new and established business owners create and cultivate their processes, marketing and brand. From downloadable resources, 1:1 coaching, and online presence support, I am able to offer options for every stage and realm of creative business.

Let's bring your vision to the next level!

1:1 coaching

brand support

For those looking for one-on-one personal support, I offer one hour sessions via Zoom. Together we can deep dive into your business, answering any questions you may have about running a creative business, developing a cohesive brand, and more! One-on-one coaching is also a great option for people new to the photography world and wanting to learn more about their DSLR cameras, Lightroom and more!

If you are feeling lost in your business or are in need of a brand refresh, an outside eye can make all the difference. After an introductory Zoom call to learn more about your vision for your business, I am able to carefully go through your website, social media and marketing materials and find ways to elevate your brand presence. Each observation and suggestion, as well as tangible ways to make the changes, will be compiled in a PDF. A final Zoom call will allow us to go over all the details together and answer any questions you may have!


Discounts are available for multiple one-on-one sessions.