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January 22, 2019

Why We Chose to Elope

Surprise, we got married!

I wanted to write a blog post about this for two reasons. One: so I can share all the amazing photos from Molly & Victoria Co. Two: because I want to share how this experience has changed my perspective on weddings.

First, let’s rewind five years. Brad and I knew each other through mutual friends and started talking on Facebook. The first time he messaged me in July of 2013, I ghosted him shortly after. Love is real. We picked back up in December of that same year. On our first date, I wore camouflage rubber boots and fell on ice on the sidewalk. Somehow we started dating after that and made it Facebook official on January 12th, 2014.

Brad proposed in the mud room at my dad’s house on January 12th, 2018 – our four year anniversary. The next 12 months since then were a rollercoaster of wedding plans. I immediately dove into planning our perfect day. We booked a venue for May 2019 and sent out save-the-dates. All this planning (and money) soon made me feel more on-edge than excited. I was constantly wondering and worrying about every detail that popped into my head.

A few months ago, Brad and I talked about this wedding hole we had dug ourselves into and came to a conclusion: it just wasn’t for us.  Both of us are people who hate being the center of attention. The idea of 100 people with their eyes on us sounded like a nightmare – even if it was 100 people who we love! I quickly asked the photographer, the officiant and our families what they were doing on January 12th, 2o19. In just a couple days, our entire plans completely changed.

Was this is the most efficient way to go about things? Not at all. Do I regret the decision we made? Nope.

We got married on a freezing cold Saturday at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. It windy and we probably almost got frostbite, but it was perfect in it’s own way.

I have always believed that you should do what you feel is right for you two on your wedding day. As soon as it was my turn to be in those shoes, I nosedived for the “traditional” route – the wedding everyone expected from us. I learned just how important it is to stay true to yourselves and your relationship. Whether you chose to elope alone or get married in front of 250 people, it should feel right. Make it as unique, fun, intimate or huge as you two want it to be.

Now I’ll get down off my soapbox and share some of the beautiful photos from our wedding day by Tory from Molly & Victoria Co.!


Thank you to the amazing people who made this day possible!

Photographer: Molly & Victoria Co.
Officiant: Missy Grillo
Florals: Jennifer Neal Floral Design
Makeup: Jocelyn Magnusen
Hair: Jordan Wahlstrom at Mia’s Shear Perfection
Dress: Andrea’s Bridal
Suit: Men’s Wearhouse
Location: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

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    So sweet, Mel! <3

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