January 18, 2016

Jocelyn & Wyatt 1/17/2016 | Portraits

Since I’ve been taking photos since I was very young, I’ve grown up being the official photographer of my friends lives. Jocelyn is one of those friends! Just before Christmas, I held a free session giveaway on Facebook (it pays to follow me on there!). When we drew names and it ended up being Jocelyn, I was so excited because we had already had talks of doing a winter shoot so this came at the perfect time!


Her boyfriend, Wyatt, was such a good sport, because lets face it, very few guys think its fun to walk around in the cold and take pictures. We stayed around downtown Damariscotta, since there are so many location options! There was a big storm the day before, so everything was covered in snow which made it extra pretty!

They’re just SO CUTE!


I love this solo photo of Jocelyn that I just happened to catch. Photos of people when they’re not posed usually end up being my favorites! It’s all about the little moments.JW2

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Also, check out Jocelyn’s Youtube channel! She makes beauty and lifestyle videos, and is overall just the cutest.

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